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This is just a little list of items I’ll have available for next weeks big show in New York. I’m pulling out some of the older titles I haven’t shown in a while where there may only be one or two copies left for sale and I’ll also have some of the broadsides available for purchase.

Looking forward to meeting some new people whom I’ve only had the pleasure of communicating with online or snail mail. Chris Adamson, who has the excellent blog Books and Vines, will be attending the show along with a few others coming in from all parts of the world. Hope to see some of you there!


  • The Intruder, by Robert Traver with wood engravings by Jim Westergard
  • Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad illustrated by Marc Castelli
  • The Path, by Sigrid Christiansen with lino cuts by Chad Pastotnik
  • Saturnalia, by H.P. Lovecraft with a collagraph by Chad Pastotnik
  • Killing The Bear, by Judith Minty with wood engravings by Glenn Wolff
  • There Be Monsters, written and illustrated by Chad Pastotnik with lino cuts
  • The Changeling’s Exile, by Gerard Wozek with an intaglio print by Chad Pastotnik
  • The Frogs Who Wished A King, Aesop with intaglio prints by Chad Pastotnik
  • Ripping Oblivion, written and illustrated by Steve Toornman with his intaglio prints
  • The Legend of Minisens, by Judith Hitz with lino cuts and intaglio by Steve Toornman, Meredith Krell and Chad Pastotnik
  • Folly, written and illustrated by Erin Murray with lino cut. Erin was my star apprentice a couple years back.


  • The Mad Angler’s Manifesto, by Michael Delp with lino cut by Chad Pastotnik
  • If, by Rudyard Kipling with a wood engraving by Chad Pastotnik
  • Along With Youth, by Ernest Hemingway with a wood engraving by Jim Horton
  • The Trout in Winter, by Jerry Dennis with an intaglio print by Glenn Wolff
  • Where They Run, map of Montauk Point, Long Island. Intaglio by Glenn Wolff
  • September Inverness, by Robert Hass

I’ll also have along some other small ephemera which is rarely seen outside the studio.