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Well I’ll fully admit to being a slacker here. My thanks to those of you who have subscribed despite the lack of recent posts here on the blog. Aside from the inevitable destruction distraction of the holidays with young children it has been an interesting year so far which has kept me mostly off the computer and the whole social network thing. Family sicknesses, a fried motherboard on the studio computer, a failed septic system and an unrelenting winter here in Northern Michigan have kept me relatively unproductive here in the studio. It’s March 25th and we got another 4″ last night to add to the 3′ still on the ground – I love winter, and this has been the best XC skiing in a decade but….

So, unprepared as I am with new work, I’m off to Big Apple for the inaugural Manhattan Fine Press Book Fair coming up in less than two weeks. Some more information can be found here at the FPBA website.


This will be my first trip to New York actually and I have mixed feelings about that. It’s no secret that I like to cloister myself in my studio, not leaving for months and finding all the hidden night life on a trout stream still has a lot more interest for me than Broadway but this is business and one must make sacrifices I suppose.

I am looking forward to seeing my book friends though. These are people I only see at these sorts of events and gatherings – makers of fine books like myself, those who collect my work and others who work in this rather specialized trade. An extra treat will be to see good friend Graham Moss from UK’s Incline Press whom I stayed with on my lecture trip to England 4 years ago. I’m very fortunate that I have use of a friends penthouse in the East Village and will be in town for a few days after the fair to meet with some of my institutional collectors at the Met, MOMA and The NY Public Library.

This is very late notice for some of you but if you’re planning to be in NY for Book Week and the “Best Book Fair in the World” please consider a visit to the FPBA fair. Here’s a link for Rare Book Week which sums up all the major happenings going on in the city.