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Last week, right before Thanksgiving, Jonah Olgles from Outside Magazine online requested a pdf of the Mad Angler’s Manifesto. I wasn’t sure what his plan was but happily sent one along. Apparently Jonah is a old fan of Michael Delp and he put up a very nice piece about our broadside though I wish now I had sent a better image. Jonah has let the cat out of the bag in the article so yes, very soon, squeezed in before Oscar Wilde, there will be a new edition of The Mad Angler Poems with 12 new pieces to make 25 in the collection. I can’t help myself, I love these poems and they speak to me more than most so they must be a DWP book. As Judith Minty wrote:

No writer is more at one with the river than Michael Delp. It is as if he emerges from mud and rock, the very soul of moving water, to speak its words, to sing its songs. He is a true mystic, a celebrant of life on this earth…

This is the sort of fluke exposure that artists daydream about before the holidays. While I can’t complain it seems I’ve spent the better parts of my recent days packing up shipments. If you’ve been waiting to get a copy of the broadside, I wouldn’t wait much longer, they’re going fast at the moment. Thank you Jonah.

Chris Adamson, from his Books and Vines blog has also put online a very nice piece about supporting your favorite fine presses this year instead of big retailers. It has a nice mention of Deep Wood Press and also shows the Mad Angler print. This blog post features other fine presses as well with images and links to some of the more affordable offerings out there to be had. Chris writes with an interesting perspective about the people who make the books he loves, a very entertaining read.