The weekend is here so no printing till Monday. Plenty to do though as I’ve purchased a new press and its time to do the Big Press Shuffle!

Up till now the studio has mostly been confined to the studio with the exception of the Linotype which has had its own home in a 12 x 10′ room in the lower level of the garage. With the impending arrival of a Heidelberg Windmill platen press (coming in at around 2800 lbs) I’m forced to move some other bit of kit out to the garage. It makes most sense to keep all the letterpress equipment in the shop within access of all the ancillary items necessary to actually print. So off to the garage goes my BAG (Bottega D’arte Graffica) intaglio press that has a 27.5 x 47″ bed.

Before the move a lot of things must shuffle around the garage as well. Woodworking tools, shelving, stacked lumber (haven’t actually parked in the garage in years anyway) must get emptied out so I can tear down one partition wall and add another. Today the bulk of the moving got done and if tomorrows weather holds out lumber will be removed and the new wall started. Should be done, drywalled and painted within a couple of weeks, just in time for the Windmill arrival.

This will give me a new  12 x 20′ space which will be home to the Lino, magazines and matrices, router, lead saw, intaglio press and probably another small non-critical letterpress like my C&P Pilot for proofing. The space is already heated and when I built the garage I ran a water line over so that will be available for paper baths and supply for mold cooling if I ever get the Ludlow or Thompson caster I’m coveting. Water will also be a major necessity for paper making but for now the Hollander Beater will have to share space with the wood shop. Eleven foot ceilings and two big windows on the north and south sides of the building will give a nice space.

Probably have room for a dartboard….