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‎”The Intruder”, from the book Trout Madness by Robert Traver/John Voelker is getting ready to roll off the presses.

What a mouthful eh? What this is in clearer phrasing is: A story about trout fishing on Michigan’s Upper Pennisula’s Escanaba River written by John Voelker (whose pen name was Traver) in 1960. Voelker was a Michigan supreme court justice when he wrote this along with his biggest literary success Anatomy of a Murder which was then turned into an Academy Award winning movie starring Jimmy Stewart.

Still confused? Well how about he’s considered the grandfather of modern fishing writing and I secured one of the finest wood engravers in North America, Jim Westergard, who has lavished his attention on it and provided me with 10 wood engravings to sweeten the whole project.

More details on the webpage and some images will shortly follow here. Book is due out in early May, just in time for something to do in the evening after fishing for trout!


Sheet and type form on the press