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Chris Adamson’s remarkable blog Books and Vines has been inactive for some time but Chris has not disappeared from the planet. We’ve maintained infrequent contact over the months and today I had an email from him saying he’ll be back with the blog soon.

Books and Vines is a remarkable private endeavor by Chris that reviews fine press books of past and present with good photos, and detailed descriptions of the work. Chris is not in the “trade”, he is not a dealer or maker, he just has a love of fine books. I’ve been fortunate enough in the past to have books reviewed and I count Chris as one of my favorite collectors because of his passion about books, their creators and the process of their creation. In the absence of print media dealing with fine press books like the now long gone Fine Print a well rounded blog such as Books and Vines provides a resource for producers of these books as well as excitement for those who collect where so many reviews, observations, timelines and other information is so conveniently located in one place.

If you like wine then you will enjoy Books and Vines all the more because as the second half of the title implies Chris also has a passion for the fruit of the grape.

Click the link and bookmark it my fellow lovers of the book. Keep checking back in the coming weeks to see what the new incarnation might be.