No, not for the big guns out in Washington. A local effort at a level where politics might actually be effective – my friend Tim is running for a township trustee opening. Since the position has a huge pay of about $25.00 a meeting (monthly if he’s lucky) and an equally miserable benefit package of absolutely nothing for a township of maybe 800 people we thought we’d approach this the way our founding fathers did – on the cheap!

Even better, we stole the wire frames for the road signs from the opposition! (joke)

Tim only needed about a dozen signs to keep him competitive with his opponent so we broke out some leftover tyvek house wrap and I got out cases of wood type. I hand inked the type in two colors with small brayers and in a few hours we were done.

I gotta say I felt a lot like ol’ Ben Frankiln doing this job. “The power of the press belongs to those that own one!”