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Work continues on binding The Intruder. Fifty copies of the regular edition have been sewn onto straps and have the super attached at the spine along with the 20 copies of the deluxe edition. The cover boards, cloth spines and cover paper are all cut and ready for a case making marathon today. A few posts down I was still musing on what cover paper I should use for the regular edition of the book. I hope no one took me seriously about the cork (how long could that really last? I’m talking centuries here.) I’ve settled on a lovely sheet from Twinrocker called Rustler made of cotton and cereal fiber. Kathryn and Howard at Twinrocker have been making fine papers since 1971, this sheet is no disappointment. Here’s yet another prototype binding as well:

Additionally, I had yet another job from the State of Michigan Archives office. A rush job that I only got the artwork for last Thursday night. The funnest part of this job was printing a really large sheet (18.5 x 26″) on my Vandercook 219. I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves on this one:


It’s been busy, I also cranked out some nice wedding invitations for a friends daughter and 1500 beer coasters for a new bar and grill opening up in Traverse City, MI by some other friends.

Oh, and I got to go fishing one night as well, nice brookies….