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It had been about a week since my last post here but I didn’t want anyone to think that I’ve been sitting idly by.

The Intruder has continued to make make progress, only a couple more days of printing. The paper is dampened and ready to go for tomorrows printing of the last big wood engraving. Then just the colophon and a few small wood engravings that will be scattered in amongst the text on some of the pages below. So here is the big preview of what is to come:


Other things have been coming along as well – the new Heidelberg press is completely cleaned up and running now with new rollers and a host of adjustments necessary for quality printing. The new Linotype/intaglio studio space now has proper lighting, a ceiling fan and has become far more organized than I had ever hoped from its prior home in the Lino cave. Overall, things are great here at DWP, just not enough time left at the end of the day to go fishing – the brown drakes are on right now – mmmmmm.