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Printing has been interrupted, that demon that is “business” has pulled me away from the press for now as I scurry around shipping out books, quote a couple jobs, line up further speaking engagements for Judith Minty for Killing the Bear and some long term book plans.

The day started out wonderfully with a long conversation with Steven Sorman about a couple of book ideas. One is of the T(here) folio of prints with writing by Patricia Clark, but a new idea came forth out of todays conversation which I’m pretty excited about.

A last minute corporate book job. Hmm, needs to be done by late May and you won’t have content for another week you say? No pause or cracked voice after I give a rough quote so it looks like The Intruder might take a little longer to get out….

By the time all is dealt with all we can do in the studio is to prepare for tomorrows printing and hope the dampened paper doesn’t go moldy on me.