Just in case you all thought I might be dead or lost or something I thought I’d get these bits out during a slow moment before ink once again rules the day. Yes, Kafka will be ready soon and those of you venturing to Oak Knoll Fest XX coming up in a few short weeks in New Castle, Delaware on October 5-7th will be the first to see it. This new exquisite translation by Breon Mitchell with six etchings by Dellas Henke is sure to please. The books are nearly ready and all the other bits necessary for trekking across the country are falling into place. Check back soon for some initial binding shots:  
If you can’t make it to Oak Knoll (going to be a great one) then I’ll have details up for book purchasing and final binding details on my return in mid October. I’ll also be attending CODEX VII in Febuary 2019 where I will have copies of the book as well as a preview of the upcoming Mad Parrot release of The Wind in the Willows as well as what is available of previous editions.