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I’ve been working toward some sort of release for The Nightingale and the Rose for a few years now so I’m not sure why it’s taken me until recently to delve back into all the other short stories that Oscar Wilde charmed me with in the beginning. New idea.

Oscar Wilde

I wouldn’t mind doing another engraving or two for it. That’s the fun part for me when I get to draw again and carve copper – after doing linoleum blocks for the last book and broadside I am ready to get back to my first love, intaglio, and have the line I carve be the line that prints. Returning to some figurative work could be fun as well which got me thinking about my Black Angel print project again and… So.

How about a small collection of favorite Oscar Wilde short stories? Maybe three or four of them,  I’m fond of The Canterville Ghost and The Selfish Giant at the moment but there are still a few pieces I need to read again. I don’t think a fine press has paid attention to Wilde’s short stories lately (please correct me if I’m wrong) while many have lavished detail on the plays. Beardsley’s Salome illustrations leave an indelible mark on one’s book brain.

I’d be happy to hear from anyone reading if they had a favorite candidate for inclusion.