2 thoughts on “casting24”

  1. I composed the matrices from a job case because it is 24pt Lydian (Intertype 5L24) and they wouldn’t run through a magazine very well. As it’s a display face there aren’t that many sorts available to begin with and my longest line ended up at 50 pica – 20 more than a single cast line. So I was casting, cutting slugs, distributing and resetting matrices pretty quickly and putting the font in a job case was far faster than setting it from a galley.

    As long as you’re at it Dick, if you can find some lower case “e” in 24pt Linotype Caslon Italic 335 I’d appreciate as well.

  2. Dick Goodwin said:

    First time I ever saw a line composed from a California job case then cast on a linotype. What is the number of that type that you are short on “h”, I have some odd mats around here, if I have any (and can find them) i’ll send them to you.

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